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Real Minter Story: Adam

At Mint, we believe in celebrating ALL of your money wins – whether big or small! Every step forward is a step in the right direction, and worth being proud of. 

To recognize and appreciate these milestones, we asked real Minters just like you to share their stories. One of those Minters is Adam, a financial accountant, who was able to pay off all his debt with the help of the Mint app! Adam, we are so inspired by your story. Check out his #EmpowerMint journey below: 

While I had a solid understanding of personal finance through studying accounting, I always struggled to implement solid habits. It was when I began to acquire a decent amount of debt that I really dove into my financial well-being. When my wife and I looked for ways to tackle our debt, we stumbled across the Mint app. After downloading the app, we became even more interested in learning more about better spending habits, budgeting efficiently, and planning for the future, as opposed to only the next paycheck.

Initially, we used Mint as a financial app that housed all of our finances. We only started using it regularly in 2020 when we decided to attack our debt more aggressively. It became a way better way to keep track of what was still outstanding and what had been paid off. After using Mint on a daily basis, we were able to achieve our financial goal of eliminating our debt (just a few months ago in March 2021), which was by far the biggest financial milestone we’ve achieved together. In total, our debt was just under $32K, and with the help of Mint we were able to pay it all off in 15 months.

By using Mint to its full potential, I was able to increase my net worth by nearly $70,000 in just a year!

These days, I continue to use Mint regularly, checking it 3-4 times in an average week. Now that we’ve paid off all our debts, I use the app to make sure all of our expenses are categorized correctly in our budget, track our net worth, and ensure that we are staying in line with our financial plans and goals. Additionally, my wife and I set a budget every two weeks for the pay period to make sure that every dollar is accounted for. The tracking feature in Mint is perfect for that because instead of having to manually go through our bank transactions, I can quickly review our spending in the app and make sure it’s all correct. Mint also makes it super easy to find out if something is wrong or if an expense occurred that we didn’t plan for. 

We’ve also set some new goals, such as saving for an emergency fund and a house down payment. Those accounts are held in an online savings account separate from our normal bank, so it’s much easier to just log into Mint and see it all there rather than having to bounce between different websites. The “goals” feature is also a fun way to get better at saving, and we’ve accepted the challenge of saving “$5K in 12 months.”

Today, personal financial systems can be complex with so many different banks, credit cards, investment accounts, and more. Having them all seamlessly in one place alleviates any stress, and makes it easier to understand your holistic financial picture. For example, when a payment is due, Mint sets a reminder and that really helps us stay on top of everything.

The Mint app has really improved lately and makes taking control of my finances even easier. If there are any users who don’t have the app, I highly recommend it. 

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